Terry Roy 1974 TR6

Back in 1976 i was engaged to my wife and wanted a TR6 so bad every time one went by and you heard that beautiful sound. Id would say to my wife i have to have one but she said forget it were saving up to get married. At the time i was working at my Dads printing co. and was making a delivery on a snowy day and went by John Bear Pontiac and in the front row was this beautiful 74 TR6 dk. blue with lt. blue int. I turned around i thought to my self its snowing and a Pontiac dealer doesn't want a TR6. So i went in and asked how much they were asking for it they said $3995. I seen the same car at Gulliver Motors for $4995. So i took a deep breath and said if you take $2800. for it i will buy it hopping that they wouldn't take it because i know i would be dead if i bought it. They said no thats too low i said fine i left just about to get in my car and i still remember his name John Dickson he was the manger. He yelled out to me and said $2800. with no warranty i said thats fine as long as you safety check it so i can get it on the road so i filled out the GMC finance form they called me the next day and told me i was approved. So i picked it up it drove and sounded so nice i was so happy until i picked my wife up from work i was sitting out front of Keesges when she came out and looked around for my car i opened the door and if looks could kill i would be dead. Its funny how they can look at you without saying anything and you know your done the first thing she said was take me home she had no since of hummer. I tried to talk to her but it wasn't going to happen so a couple of days went by so i put a ad in the local paper and a guy called and asked if i could bring it to his house to show it to him i showed up they were out front. I got out shut the door and the window fell inside the track i said you arnt going to believe me but that just happened but i will
fix it. They loved it they told me they would pick it up in a few days but that night i got a phone call from my fiancé she came over we went for a drive and she fell in love with it and wanted to keep it i told her it was sold but she wanted it and so did i. So i called the couple up explained the situation to him and he said he understood. So i got a wife and a TR6 and were still together 41 years later we now have a 68 Mustang fast back and a 67 Volkswagen Beetle convertible. And threw out the years we had 3 MGB's . Thanks for looking happy motoring.