Mark Pawl 1968 Triumph Spitfire

It was May of 2005 when my normal freeway path to work was closed by construction and I was forced to choose a slower surface road route. That was when I first saw the car now known as Yellow Dog II parked prominently in the front corner of a local Coney’s parking lot. I was running late and had no time to stop and identify what it was exactly. Thinking about it all day, I decided that the next morning I would leave early to have time for a closer look. That is if it was still there and it was. I learned then that it was a 1968 Triumph Spitfire, it looked quite good and had a for sale sign in its window. I took the number down to call later that day. I had owned other Brits a Morris Minor, MGB and a 1975 Spitfire 1500 and this car had brought back foggy fond memories. I like the style of the older Triumph better than the 1500 version. But now I had to get to work where again thought about the car all day. 

As I left work, I dialed the number and found that the owner was in route to the car from the opposite direction at a distance equal enough that we could meet at the car and talk. He told me all he knew about the car, that it was purchased for his wife and she no longer cared for it, he held a lot of spare parts including set of wire wheels and hubs (it was sitting on Panasport light racing wheels with P500 Pirelli tires). We took it for a spin. The price he placed on it seemed more than reasonable and so I told him I could meet with him the next day to purchase this car as a retirement gift to myself. That was a Thursday and the day we transacted the deal was Friday the thirteenth. This was very cool to me as it was a Friday the thirteenth in 1968 that my wife and I wed.

Over the course of ownership there have been fits and fires and parts failing but just like a marriage you smile through, repair the damage and your happy again. Living in Michigan the “Dog” has its season but during that time I drive it everyday weather permits. It’s been a great 13 plus years and should the luck hold out I will have it until one of us gives out. Victoria British has been a main source of replacement parts and inspiration. Keep ‘em rolling!