Phil Hemes 1980 Triumph TR8

The Triumph TR8 was never available in the UK where I grew up. British Leyland went bust before they could make enough. So I always wanted one.

This Poseidon Green example was found in California where it had been in storage for 10 years, following a small under-hood electrical problem. It was in pretty bad shape generally. Some of the original California model injection system was missing, but as it had zero rust I decided to breathe new life into it.

As it was already an injected model, I decided to retrofit it with a later 14CUX system from a 1990s Range Rover and chip it with a TVR fuel map. New paint, following bare metal prep, new interior and new suspension etc. was all fitted, and the end result is a fast, fun car that could easily be used as a daily driver. It really does fly, easily keeping pace with modern traffic. Did I mention fun? A very underrated car which I am sure will appreciate over the coming years. And it sounds great!

Very happy to have Victoria British just around the corner!