Eric Berry 1967 Triumph TR4A

I was introduced to British cars from my dad who from the time I was little had a Triumph TR4. He was forced to put it into storage for many years. When he finally got it back on the road it was in very rough shape. Few years after that he found a cheap Spitfire which I bought and restored. It was fun to drive but the lack of power was a issue for me and I'd always preferred the look of the TR4s and TR6s. They were harder to come by though and sold for more as well. I think I had the Spitfire on the road for about 3 years when my dad decided to give me his TR4. He hadn't taken the time to care for it over the years and my stepmother (whose not a car person) never liked to ride in it. He knew I wanted to have a TR and saw I'd put the effort into the Spitfire restore. As I started to strip down the TR4, I realized just how bad the rot was. Fortunately a fellow Triumph guy we knew, who had actually sold my dad the engine in the car many years earlier, told me he had a good (by Triumph standards) TR4a solid axle with a seized engine. I sold off my Spitfire to buy it and start a new project. Oddly enough there were many parts where if it was bad on one vehicle, the other had a good one. Now, I've never cared for the less aggressive look of the TR4As, so I decided to do the exterior to look like an older TR4. This worked out as I had things like a new soft top from my dad's so there were a few savings to be had in that decision as well. The restore was often times a father/son project and my dad probably spent more time helping me with my car than he ever did on his own. Even though my dad's Triumph is gone, its "heart" and a few other parts still live on it mine.