Robert Arthur 1971 MG Bugeye

In 2013 or there about, I journeyed back to Texas on court business. My trip lasted for several months. While I was waiting for a solution to a problem I came across a car I could not pass up. It was not my MG, but it led indirectly to my MG. I got that 1953 Ford. I was killing time so I bought the car and began repairs. Later I drove the ford home from Texas to Modesto CA. where I was living. My wife didn't care much for the ford. One day a man called to ask if I would like to trade my ford for his 1971 MG. I have always been a British car lover. Maybe it is because I myself am British? Any way he brought it over and I looked it over. The car was in good shape, but I could tell that he was not able to fine tune it as he could not keep it running under 1500 RPM's. As we talked I noticed other issues that I assumed he was frustrated with. I knew I had what it took to fix what was wrong and the MG was traded straight across for the ford. He went home with a running car in good condition and I pulled the MG into the garage to begin trouble shooting it. The first thing people notice is the bonnet, it came from an earlier bugeye. Bolted right on. So I left it alone. The convertible top didn't belong on the car and I had to pry the locks off the windshield with channel locks. I later had to modify the top frame to fit a different body. Works ok now. A few leaks in the rain. The big issue was the twin SU carbs. Some stripped threads, and carburetors that could not be synchronized. I got it running almost satisfactory and tolerated it for some months. The engine would speed up and when I tried to idle it down it wanted to die. Not being a fan of SU carbs I pulled them off and ordered a Webber and matching manifold. Now it runs great and I don't have to put a wrench to it every few days. I spent the next year replacing broken parts. Radiator fan, hoses, and my own reupholster of the seats. I had to add an auxiliary electric fan in front of the radiator. It was not original, but a nice shiny aluminum one. It had a tendency to over heat in the California heat of summer. Pick-n pull provided the pusher fan which I boxed in to work with the mechanical fan when needed. Now it runs well enough that I haven't done anything else to it for over two years.