David Ruble 1971 MG Midget

Bought the car 8-'18, spent almost exactly 1 year on it. It had last been licensed in 1984 in Wisconsin. I knew when I saw it what the problem was; the steering column had been ripped apart and wires hanging everywhere. Sure enough, I temporary wired the ignition and had it running in 2 days. Later found a massive short in the wiring harness where it entered the firewall.
Fairly near a total rebuild. The engine has never been opened, runs great. Tranny was opened for inspection and new seals, clutch, etc. Everything else is new! Body was so bad, I knew it could never be a concourse car, so cut and welded in plate steel where needed. New rockers. Lots of small mods in the direction of a true roadster; deleted wipers, spray tips, handles, locks, antennae, bumpers, top, original mirrors, lowered front and rear valance, added exhaust notch, frenched rear plate, fill some body seams (not all). Original seats, dash pad and door liners....in really good shape, considering. Deleted grille chrome. Painted grille, wire wheels and other smalls with HK Black by Duracoat. Custom burl Walnut dash. My 1st complete build, so the body is not flawless, but I’m happy with it. Paint is Toyota 4evergreen Mica.