Bill Bulpitt 1966 Tiger

Bill Bulpitt 1966 Tiger

While sitting in the Tiger at the starting grid I spotted a golf cart approaching out of the corner of my eye. The car pulled up right next to me and I was astonished to find Carroll Shelby nose to nose with me.He then said to me very sincerely, "You know, of all the cars I worked on, I liked these the best!"

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Art McCormack's 1967 Sunbeam

In 1967, I was seventeen. My father’s best friend was the Rootes Group Dealer in the next town over, Weymouth, Mass. I wish I had a photograph of our driveway back then. My mother had a brand new red Hillman Super Minx Station Wagon. My dad was driving a brand new Blue Sunbeam Tiger with the 289. My 21 year old brother got my father's hand-me-down. Poor SOB....a white ‘65 Tiger 260. 

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Alex Gabbard's 1966 Sunbeam Alpine

During our Route 66 travels into the southwest in the Spring of 1967, a wire wheel on our Alpine roadster had collapsed, and when I learned that Albuquerque had no Sunbeam dealer, I reconciled myself to having to mail order a replacement from England. Well into our stay, I was told of a local enterprise that might have such a thing, Nine Mile Hill Garage, located west of Albuquerque on the nine mile long incline to the mesa, a place we had passed many times. I drove in one day thinking that a greasy fingernails garage was certain not to have a Sunbeam-Talbot wire wheel, but when I went inside, I was amazed at the extent of racing hardware, photos, and posters all around. This place was big and clearly not just a garage; it was a race shop of high breeding that immediately intrigued me. Stepping to the counter, I told the young parts man what I was looking for and held no hope that he even knew what I was talking about. He went back into the garage and returned in short order with exactly what I was looking for, a brand new wire wheel trued and balanced. I was amazed, and the price wasn't nearly as much as I anticipated having to pay for a wheel shipped from England.
Looking around further, I asked the parts man about the place.

"This is the Unser brother's garage," he said. "You know, the Indy 500 racers."
I didn't know, but I was pleased to actually be there, now with a purchase in my hand that gave our Alpine a spare and me with memories that I would always recall as another unexpected adventure.

George Tewksbary & his '63 Alpine

I own five British cars currently 1965 AH 3000, 1969 AH Sprite, 1954 MGTF, 1974 TR6, 1986 TVR 280I. I have been a fan of them since I was a tot. This experience I’m about to share with you was during the ownership of my first automobile a 1963 battleship grey Sunbeam Alpine. When I was in high school, a friend and I drove to Columbus, Ohio to a theater to watch the movie, DR NO. My alpine was valet parked across the street from the theater which I believe was on State Street. After watching that wonderful James Bond movie, we walked over to parking garage and the car came down to us and we entered the car I started to drive off when my friend told me to look at the odometer which gave me cold shiver down my spine, it read 007. My friend said, “Where’s this car been?” As this is the same model and same color we just watched in the movie. This is the kind of life event you just do not forget.

Kevin White & his '65 Sunbeam

Purchased ex racer with blown motor Thanksgiving 2008. Rebuilt motor and drove until shoestring restoration started June 2012. Completed June 2014. Last one I will do darling!