William Savage & his '74 MGB

I purchased my MGB new in Portland OR, upon returning from a assignment to Clark Air Base, Philippines. The MGB was shipped three times to Germany during my career in the U.S. Air Force. While stationed there the car traveled to France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Great Britain. The MG is currently waiting to be restored, too many sea miles have taken its toll on rocker panels, doors and the lower fender wells.

Mitchell Avis & his '79 Spitfire

Mitchell Avis & his '79 Spitfire

    The year was 1988; I was 19 and bought my first Triumph Spitfire. I spent hot days and cold nights rebuilding my Spit. I put lots of time, money, and love into that car. But when life kicked in, four years later along came the love of my life, who would soon become my beautiful wife. My beloved Spit was not getting the love it needed anymore. A cold, lonely garage was no home for an amazing car like mine. 

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