1972 MG Midget

Raymond McGavigan's 1972 MG Midget

I guess I must have Castrol "R" in my blood since birth! Why does one kid get goosbumps at the sound of a high-performance British Leyland 'A' series or a Lotus Twincam, yet another kid can't tell the difference?

I guess growing up in Northern Ireland had a great influence in my developing a love for high-revving 4 cylinder engines and an MG Midget was always included on my ideal wish-list of cars. Last year I realized one dream.... the orange "Midge" in the pictures followed me home!! Well, I did bring it home on a trailer! It has never been restored and never had any rust. The previous owner, Bernie, was able to trace its history back to when it was first purchased in Victoria, BC. Bernie spent some years disassembling the car and scraping off the original undercoat, which he did with a dental pick, getting well into the body seams! Unfortunately, Bernie had a stroke and couldn't finish the car. This was the kind of project I was looking for, having spent a lot of time and a heap of money on restoring a '74 MGB, which has also been featured on "British Sportscar Life" and on the front cover of a Victoria British catalog. 

Some weeks after I brought the Midget home, I got an email from Bernie stating that he had found a brand new set of Minilite replica wheels for the Midget, still in the boxes, which he had bought for the car back in 2007 and had forgotten about, and would I like to have them? He had no idea that the Midget of my teenage dreams also wore Minilites!

I'm delighted to report that my little granddaughter shares my enthusiasm for the Midget but can't understand why Grampa won't take it out in the rain!

1967 MG Midget

Quinton Brantley's 1967 MG Midget

I was over at a friend’s house one night drinking a few micro-brews and decided to head home. Once I got home, the logical thing to do was to get on eBay and start bidding on anything without a top for under $1,000. There are a couple of big problems with this logic. Bidding on cars after drinking never results in a good outcome. Second, it should never be your first time bidding online...for anything. I set an automatic rebid (unknowingly, of course) and believe it or not I won the bid. The guy I bought it from was kind enough to give me some relief on the cost. He saw the look on my wife’s face after having to drive 10 hours to pick it up. The cost of transportation was twice what I paid for the car. 6 years later, I am on the homestretch to getting it complete. It has turned into a Cafe' Roadster of sorts. Have a look!

1979 MG Midget

Steve Brennan's 1979 MG Midget

I grew up in Pontiac, Michigan. My father was a GM employee for almost 30 years working at Pontiac Motors. This meant not only was I born a car guy, but I also was all about muscle cars, hot rods and never really took the small British sports car seriously. I have had many cars in my 35 years of driving and now have a son who works for one of top European Performance companies in the world. So as I visited his shop I became more and more familiar with the high-end European cars such as Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi, and many more. This interest started my search for my first European Sports Car. Well, my search was short. I couldn't justify a Porsche or Ferrari price to be an occasional driver, plus my wife thought I would kill myself. So I employed my son to keep an eye open for an inexpensively priced two-seater. He came up with the idea of finding a classic and working on it together, and as luck would have it we found one. A 1979 MG MIDGET all original car living in our new hometown of Houston Texas. With just slightly over 11k miles it will be great fun turning it back to its glory days. Just in the little we have test-drove the car; we love it! My daughter wants it already.

1976 Triumph TR6

Richard Vidal's 1976 Triumph TR6

I have been restoring my 1976 Triumph TR6 using your parts. I wanted to send you a photo of my car in the garage currently. It's now completed exterior and interior. In the spring time, I can take it outside in the beautiful mountainous area of where I live in New Hampshire. It is my pride and joy.

1969 Triumph GT6+

Jonathan Chiles' 1969 Triumph GT6+

I bought my GT6 out of a junkyard in Fountain Inn, SC as an 18th birthday present to myself. Even though it was a pile of rust and would take a lot of work, I knew I had to have it. I am now 22 and a Mechanical Engineering major at Clemson University. Being a broke high school/college student, all the money I could scrape together went towards the car. This also forced me to learn how to do all the work myself rather than paying someone else. The first few years I probably spent more time on the side of the road with the car than actually driving it. I would just drive until it broke down and that's how I would know what needed to be fixed. Through 4 years, I learned many new skills with the help of a few mentors to complete this restoration: brake/fuel lines, engine tuning, rebuilding basic components, transmission rebuild, electrical, cooling, woodworking (dash) and also body prep and paint. I painted the car myself in my parent's garage one weekend when they went out of town. I converted the entire garage into a paint booth, painted, and cleaned up all before they got back from vacation. I now drive my GT6 to class at Clemson almost every day. I have a reliable Tacoma that will sit for weeks at a time because I choose to drive my Triumph every chance I get. I bought almost all my parts from VB, which have made this entire process much easier. From being so close to the ground to feeling the torque of the straight six, driving this car is all around very enjoyable.

Rick Longenecker & his '76 Triumph

I always wanted to build a fast small car, so I purchased a TR-6 and decided to make it a scary little car. I installed a 350 Chevy motor with a turbo 350 auto transmission. I added side exhaust to create what I call "my poor man’s Cobra.” I always wanted a Shelby Cobra but never wanted to pay the price, so I created my own TR-350.

Hal Durkee & his '72 Triumph

My brother and I built this car all from parts from salvage yards. We started with a bare
body tub and went from there. The motor came from another salvage yard as did the tranny, frame, bonnet, seats, wiring harness, ect. The parts came from all over Michigan. The engine is the same as the TR8.

Marvin Dean Cox & his '80 TR8

In 1982 while in the US Air Force and stationed in Iceland, I decided I wanted to buy a TR8 coupe. I began to call back to the Triumph dealers in the US. I found out there were very few TR8 coupes made, but there was one in Chicago and one in Orlando that were still available for purchase. Being in Iceland at the time, I asked myself where I would rather travel to, so I called the Orlando Triumph dealer and bought the car. When I left Iceland, I flew to Orlando and was met at the airport by the salesman with the car. I have had it ever since. 
I retired from the Air Force in 1999 and worked as a contractor in the Pentagon until 2010. The TR8 was in the North Parking lot of the Pentagon on 9/11, and was featured in an almost full page article in The Washington Times newspaper on February 9, 2007, "Out of the Past" by Vern Parker. My TR8, VIN TCN160007UCF, resides with me in Eagle River, Alaska and is frequently shown in local car shows during the Alaskan summer. It remains a joy to drive and a guaranteed lift to my spirits.

John Walsh & his '81 Triumph TR7

I am not a purest. She started out as a mild mannered TR7 and morphed into what she is today. She has a Buick 231 cid V-6, the 5 speed is from a Camaro, and the rear end is from a Mustang GT. The suspension uses Koni shocks, competition springs and poly bushings. The brakes are 11" rotors in front with Wilwood 4 piston al. calipers and the rears are 10.25 rotors with SSBC rotors. The front hubs were re-drill to the Ford bolt pattern to allow the use of the same Konig Lace wheels (15 X 6) at all four corners. The tires are Kuhmo Ecsta. The fender flares are from Huffaker Racing and are patterned off of a 944 Porsche. The car was painted GM white and the wrap was installed. She does turn heads!

Peter Clark & his '74 TR6

My first car out of school was a brand new 1972 Pimento Red TR6. I was so excited when it finally arrived and there was a serious question if I could drive it off the lot without stalling it. I have been trying to relive that day and feeling ever since.
So in '07 I found another TR6 and had it rebuilt from the frame up and started racing it in Vintage Class of SCCA in Portland, OR.
I rediscovered that feeling and then some… especially in the Chicane at the end of the long straight away.

Wayne Bussey & his '60 Sprite

I purchased this 1960 Bugeye Sprite in 1999 after a long search. After seeing one at a shop I just had to have one. I found it in a junkyard in pretty bad shape, after a few years of hard work I think it looks and runs great. This little car is a real head turner every time I bring it out. I have so much fun with people asking about it.

Bruce Karevold & his '62 Bugeye

I bought my 1962 Austin Healey Bugeye as a salvage recovery after the 1997 Red River Valley Flood. It was fully submerged, and the engine, tranny, and rear axle were full of water. My late father "Gil" and I bought it as a project as a project and I'm still working on it a little every time I drive it. We rebuilt the engine and transmissions cleaned it up and got it running the spring or 1998 and it's been a Sunday Drive ever since. 

The fondest memory I have of this car is of me pulling it, middle of winter, dad wearing a Santa Hat, top down, as we rolled down Main Street in Fargo, everybody waved. I don't have a photo of that day, but I wish I did. 

This was the last project my father and I ever worked on together, there were a scraped knuckle and a some disagreements over this red Santa's Sleigh, but that was the fun of working with Dad. It turned that turned out to be great fun on the road. She's not perfect, she's not fast, but she's a lot of fun to drive and work on. It always brings a smile to peoples face as I drive by, and when someone waives it brings back good memories of a father who took time to teach me how the turn a wrench and enjoy working on a car that will always need a little more work.

Bruce Cunha & his '50 MG TD

I purchased my TD while I was stationed in San Francisco with the US Army in 1974. I had owned a british car (68 Austin Sprite) while in college, but really did not know a lot about MGTD's. I knew of only one other in the small northern California town where I grew up.

My brother and I, along with a MG TD car repair manual, fully restored the TD ourselves. Including paint and all mechanical (first picture). My wife and I spent many weekends driving the TD to various car events, including a few parades (second picture). The car is a part of our family. My daughter grew up riding in the TD to school, and going with Dad on drives (third picture). When she was married, the TD was included in the reception forth picture). This is truly one of my favorite photos; it has my lovely daughter and the car that has been with me for 51 years. The car will go to my daughter in the future, but for now, it is content ferrying me around and getting looks and comments from people everywhere we go.

Jorge Sepulveda & his '73 Midget

About 3 years ago, I found my Midget in the front yard of a residence in Riverside, CA. It wasn't much to look at, but I fell in love with the little car. I bought it and took it home and that is where the restoration began. It's been pretty tough getting her back together but it has been a labor of love. I just painted the body and I will be putting her back together within the next year or so. 

Brian Tilton & his '70 GT6+

Brian Tilton & his '70 GT6+

In early 1970 I went to work in England for a few months for a subsidiary of the company I was currently working for at the time in the states. I was fresh out of college and I needed some training on products so I was sent over to get some experience. I had a 1960 TR3 at the time and I had used that during my college years. It was a very cold car to use during our New England winters and I thought there had to be a better Triumph more suited for cold weather. My older brother told me about a GT6 model that was a hard top coupe. I figured that should be more comfortable. So I was in Southern England, in a town called Gosport.

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Tracey Prather & her '72 Spitfire

Tracey Prather & her '72 Spitfire

Ahhhh….my love for British cars goes all the way back to 1975, when my older brother traded in a 1967 Pontiac GTO for a brand new MG Midget. I was 6 years old when this orange beauty came to live with us. I remember begging my older brother to take me up a mountain, so we could turn off the car and coast back down. I remember sleeping behind the back seat when my brother was stuck babysitting and also had a date. I remember the smell, and feeling like I was flying. Sadly, the next year, my brother married and a baby was soon on the way. The orange Midget had to be sold for a more family friendly car for his new family. I felt as though I had lost a car, but in a sense, I also had lost my older brother.

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Parker Bowab & his '76 Spitfire

Parker Bowab & his '76 Spitfire

I was 12 years old when I asked my dad if we could restore a car. He and I had no auto knowledge, tools, or insight into this new world that would eventually dominate our lives. He (for some reason) agreed, and we went and looked at a few cars in the area that were for sale. We both fell in love with a Inca Yellow 1976 Triumph Spitfire. The car was a good candidate for a couple of beginners. Over the next few years, with the help of local British Car Clubs, we got it cleaned up, running, and hitting the tristate Car Show circuit. Eventually when I got my drivers license it became a fairly regular driver car. 

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Riley Sterpka's '76 Spitfire

Riley Sterpka's '76 Spitfire

This summer my dad & I bought a used ‘76 Triumph Spitfire 1500. We got this car because we wanted a father-son project. Because of this car, my dad & I have had many fun times: from having to fix gas leaks, install a new muffler to having him teach me to drive stick and getting to spend a lot of time with him. My favorite memory is

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Bruce Cunha's 1950 MG TD

Bruce Cunha's 1950 MG TD

Back in 1974, I was a private in the US Army stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco. On our local bulletin board was an ad for a MGTD for sale. I had been looking for a British sports car for a bit, so I went to see the car. The TD was in pretty poor shape. Body was all there, but the dash had black gauges (triumph?), no center metal plate and no interior other than the seats. The car had been painted a few times with the last being a dark green. The owner had tried sanding the paint off, but did it with very rough sandpaper. Scratches were noted in the metal.

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