Ed Blend's 1978 Triumph Spitfire

We bought our 1978 Spitfire in Little Rock in 2006. It was a bit scruffy, needed a new top, tires, interior and some engine work, but the body was really pristine. She was priced fair so I sent her home on a car carrier and started the "reinCARnation." My wife, Irene, helped and supported me in the endeavor. All the items mentioned above were completed with VB's help. We added a Weber carburetor, exhaust header, top, interior and, with the help of George's Imports, overhauled the engine. We also did a lot of trim work and sprucing up. She runs great now and has placed in every show she was entered.

She is really a driver and a whole lot of fun. However, we really pamper her. She has never been in rain, except once when I got caught in a surprise storm at the Heartland Regional car show about four years ago. I also put her in rest mode when the streets get salty. Irene and I have really enjoyed her with the top down on those unbeatable soft summer nights, which is a perfect time to drive an old English sports car.