Eric Powell's 1975 MG MGB

The story began in the early ‘90s at the age of 15, when I spotted an already 20-year-old MGB at a small used car lot across from an A&W Root Beer Drive-in located in a small town in Southern Minnesota. It became my first car and throughout the years was my summer car being stored in the winter. It spent its early years barely running due to my young age and lack of automotive knowledge. 

In my 20s my knowledge grew, and the MGB received a multitude of mechanical modifications including high compression, high lift cam, big valves cut in, lightened flywheel, dual HIFs, 2" exhaust, overdrive added, modern tube shocks, poly bushings, improved springs, front and rear sway bars, dual points, push fan/pull fan, 16 row oil cooler, 110 amp alternator, massive stereo system with subwoofer, alarm system with anti-car-jacking, etc, etc, etc. Way too many to list, but the body still was slowly was rotting away from the inside out. 

Around 2008 I moved south to Florida but continued to live in apartment buildings and the lack of a garage became a major problem. After hunting around for a place to live and a place to work on my MGB, I quickly came to the realization I wasn't going to have a garage available any time in the near future.

So Labor Day of 2014 I woke up early, ran an extension cord out of the window of my tiny studio apartment to the gravel parking lot and began to cut metal off my car. From that moment on, every weekend rain or shine, I spent every minute, sun up until sun down, working on the body. I used a blue tarp strapped between palm trees when it rained. The MG had rust on the floors, rockers, around the wheel wells, fender beads, trunk edges, battery box was 50% gone, inner fenders were damaged from a Rover V8 project in my early 20's, and also had random rust bubbles pretty much everywhere on the car in very bad spots.

Around Thanksgiving 2014 the MGB went in for paint, and by March 2015 the glass and interior were done. I didn't have a sand blaster, so I hand sanded the seat frames and brought jugs of phosphoric acid into my apartment to soak them in before reupholstering them. 

To make a very long story short, I completely restored an MGB in a gravel parking lot from a tiny studio apartment in the middle of a major metropolitan city (without getting evicted).