Jeff Straub's 1979 Triumph Spitfire

I bought my Spitfire shortly after turning 19, just last December. Originally I was just looking for a (hopefully not rusted out) first generation Miata like the millennial I am when I stumbled upon my Spitfire. The first time I saw it on CarGurus, I thought, "Well this is adorable. Why haven’t I heard of this car before?" And before I knew it I just purchased a car that is twice my age for $3,350.

Now that I have owned the car for about 7 months, I honestly think it’s the best car I will probably ever own. Even though my Spitfire generally will only work well for about a week or two at a time before something else pings off the car or it just decides to die, it’s still an amazing little lawn mower.

I've seen a lot of reviews about my car saying "fun car but lacking on power," but what they clearly don't understand is that the hilarious lack of horsepower is what makes this car so great. Again I’m 19 and this was the best car I could buy because I will never get a speeding ticket in it, simply because the car doesn’t do speed. The fastest I have gotten my Spitfire is about 80mph, and it takes a good minute of having your foot to the floor to get there.

When people ask me about my car, I generally tell them it’s the most fun you will ever have at 30mph. If you're reading this and thinking about buying a Spitfire, do it. Chances are you’ll buy a complete lemon and drive it a quarter of the time you own it, but at the end of the day it gets the most smiles per gallon than any other vehicle I have ever driven. And to this day I’m still glad I bought my Spitfire instead of an overpriced, rusty Miata.