Pam Garvey's 1977 MG 

My story begins in 1982. In 1982, I had a 3-year-old daughter who accompanied me everywhere I went in my 1977 White MG, which was my favorite car I had ever owned. However, I was expecting the birth of my son in March. We all know that the MG is a two-person car and not “car seat” friendly. So, sadly, we had to put my MG up for sale. It sold the day my son was born, three hours prior to his delivery. We signed the papers as we were walking out the door to the hospital for his delivery.

Now my story ends in 2011. My husband surprised me with a red 1977 MG on our 37th wedding anniversary, much to my surprise and delight! Now, instead of me and my daughter having a blast in my MG, it is my daughter’s son, my adorable 5-year-old grandson, Jack, that is riding shotgun with me! And I’m sure that one day my grandson will have his “shotgun” passenger by his side in “MiMi’s MG,” along with the XOXOXO license plate!