Phil Nicholson's 1965 MG Midget

After having attended a family reunion in Tulsa, my wife, Martha, and I decided to buy the 1965 Midget from a niece. At the reunion I had the opportunity to ride around in the car and, consequently, fell for it. Never having owned a British car, I discovered it was a lot of fun. I told my niece, “If you ever decide to sell this little car, be sure you give me a call.”

In 2001 we got “that call” from her. Since it had been a few years since my joy ride in the car, I found it was in need of several repairs. In fact, we had to almost carry it onto our trailer because the brakes were stuck, not to mention it was in need of a lot of other repairs (body work, rust and a new paint job). Next, I installed chrome wire wheels, replaced the 1098cc engine with an overbored 1275cc engine and installed a 3.90 rear gear. 

This little car is not exactly a show car, but a “driver,” and we really enjoy participating in the car club activities with it. The interior is the original and is not perfect. Doesn’t matter though; I am going to keep on driving it and love every minute of it.