Philip Millward's 1979 Triumph Spitfire

My Spitfire was found in a barn with a chicken in it about one year ago while working outside. I rebuilt her with Victoria British’s help and parts. I made her look more elegant with the use of chrome bumpers. Now she’s about to hit the road again after 19 years in a barn. I had submitted a few photos to Spitfire and Gt6 magazine and unbeknown to me my wife had emailed Howard the editor, a fluke, I am not sure but the article was printed and the first magazine arrived on my birthday.

My goodness, coincidence, I think not. My husband’s birthday was earlier this week. A few weeks ago he forwarded via email to me a link that he would like to received subscription to your magazine for his birthday (subtle birthday gift hint.) We acquired a 1980 Spitfire a few months back and he’s been faithfully working on it to get it running for us to enjoy. He is from England and had one in the 80’s and is excited for us to have one for weekends and day trips etc. When we acquired the Spitfire, and he took photos, he submitted it all to Barn Finds website. When he first bought it he wouldn’t let me go with him to pick it up, in other words, he towed it home on a dolly and took it to the car wash before he let me see it, that the shape it was in. Anyway, his first magazine edition #40 arrived the week of his birthday, he was looking through it and all of a sudden he let out a little chuckle, “check this out” an there he was on page 18, Barn Finds, Philip Millward, Monroe NC, a whole page about him. What a fantastic birthday gift to him, to be in the magazine, the first one he/we received for his birthday. Thank you for making my husband’s birthday even more special, even though we all know it wasn’t a coincidence, or as we say “God Wink.”