Raymond McGavigan's 1974 MGB

While I was working at a local Chevy/Olds Dealership, a coworker had an MGB he was restoring as a father-and-son project. One day he asked me if I could rebuild the worn out door hinges for the B using General Motors hinge pins and bushings. If he'd been paying for that repair he might have been better off buying new parts! I had no idea at that time that 16 years later I would own the whole car and it would still be a restoration project. Since the primered body had been under a tarp for most of that time, I had to start from square one again to remove the surface rust. I bit the bullet and had a professional media blast the body, fit the new door skins and fenders and complete the body repairs. After that it was painted in late-model Mini Pepper White. I have been an Auto Trimmer for close to 40 years, so the leather seats, door panels and carpet were custom made. I added an extra little touch by recovering a dash repair cap in matching vinyl with a French seam.
The Victoria British steering wheel takes pride of place. It was a gift from my GP, who also owns an MGB, but she bought a 13" wheel to replace the 14" as she needed that extra room to get closer to the pedals!
I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.