Rick & Monica Mills' 1969 MGB Roadster & 1973 MGB-GT

Rick and Monica Mills purchased this ’69 MGB Roadster in March of 2011. Their friend, Mel Finch, passed away unexpectedly in January 2011. They had already promised him that if anything ever happened to him, they would make sure his car would stay here in the city and in the Kansas City MG Car Club (KCMGCC), so Rick and Monica purchased the car from his wife, Itsy (since she can’t drive a manual transmission). They make sure she gets a ride in it every so often. Mel had been a KCMGCC member from the onset (about 28 years at the time of Mel’s death).

The Mills and Finches traveled for many years in their MGs from the late 1990s to 2009. Mel and Itsy always drove their MGB, and Rick and Monica always drove their ’73 MGB GT which they restored themselves 22 years ago. They traveled all over the country: Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Alabama, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota … 16 states and even CANADA! Each year they would designate a specific area of the country and purpose (e.g., one year, they made it a point to visit and go into as many lighthouses up north as time would allow). Some of their trips also included car shows on the way, each trip taking eight days and usually about 3,800+ miles each vacation.

To keep both cars running regularly, they rotate driving their MGs or drive them at the same time to events.

Now both cars are together again in the same garage.