Ricky Boler's 1974 Triumph Spitfire

Here's our beautiful 1974 Triumph Spitfire. It is painted Viper Red with bright silver stripes and has a rear spoiler with third brake light for added safety, and it looks great.

The interior was changed from dark brown to light gray. I had “Triumph Spitfire” embroidered in the door panels to add a little extra to the plain panel. The gray interior accents the stripes and the wheels. Plus it's a lot cooler for hot summer cruises. A Sony AM/FM radio/CD player with four Sony speakers supplies the music. A friend and I built a chrome moly dual hoop roll bar, and I had it powder-coated in near chrome finish. It looks great and adds safety to the car, and that is a big plus for me.

The wheels are Superlites in 16x7 and Cooper Tire 205/40R16 Zeons. It has drilled and slotted rotors and upgraded ceramic front disc brakes as well as polyurethane bushings in the front suspension.

As for cooling, it has a new radiator and electric fan for those hot summer cruises. The engine has a lot of modifications too: lightened flywheel, crankshaft and rods, JE pistons, dual row timing chain with lightened upper gear and a bigger camshaft. The heads were ported, polished and new valve springs installed. It has Harland Sharp roller rocker arms and hardened rocker shaft, topped with polished aluminum valve cover. It has an external oil line to the head for oiling the rockers and valves especially on cold starts. It has a four carburetor setup with K&N filters and an electric fuel pump to feed the carbs. The transmission is a 4-speed with overdrive. It has a stainless header with header wrap running to a Pace Setter exhaust with 4 chrome tips; it looks and sounds good too.

This build didn't happen overnight. I built this car for my daughter for her first car, so she learned to drive a manual shift car; a life lesson. She drove it to high school and loved it. Her senior year, it was backed into, and that turned out to be a blessing as we were able to get it repainted to what you see today. My daughter still loves to drive the Spitfire. She has the biggest smile on her face when she gets behind the wheel! I take the Spitfire to local car shows and it always brings a lot of smiles. I have people that always tell me stories about when they or someone they knew had a Spitfire and how much fun they had riding around in it.