Shaun Barney's 1960 TR3

My TR3 has been in the family for nearly all its life. I remember as a little kid riding in it with my uncle when we would go visit them. It was a metallic plum purple at the time. Then as a pre-teen I had all but forgotten about the car, as my family was into hunting, fishing, boating and the great outdoors. I remember coming home one day and our ski boat was gone. I was devastated. Dad would always talk about fishing, and I wanted to ski, so I was surprised. Then, here comes dad, driving up in the TR3, and my disappointment disappeared.

I was number four out of five kids. All my brothers had moved out and I would spend a lot of time with dad tinkering on the TR3.

He always said, "Take your eyes off of it; I will be buried in that car." He always wanted to restore it. As I grew up and moved away, and his work went on, he never had time to restore her.

Dad retired and had big plans, but life has its way of dictating what you will or won't do. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer, and although they gave him 3-6 months to live, he fought hard and made it another eight years.

I guess his priorities changed right after his diagnosis because that is when he gave me the car. I have dreamed of the day it would be restored so I can show it in honor of a great, great man. I would have had her restored years ago, but I had a major back injury and surgery, and am finally getting able to work on her.

I hope to restore the TR3 and pass her on to one of my four kids, so the 40+ years of memories will continue to expand. That car got me and my dad through the rough teenage years we all go through, and I hope it does the same for me and my kids. I love you.