Travis Glazier's 1968 MGB

I grew up in a college town, it was a private college so the professors were always driving unique vehicles and it certainly influenced my taste in cars. I was personally from a more rural area where IROC and Mustang 5.0 ruled the roost, but I always wanted to be in one of those stylish convertibles the professors drove around in. My first car was a 1983 Renault Le Car that a professor has left for dead; I got it for $125 and rebuilt the brakes myself. In 2006, my father found a 1976 TR7 coupe and got it for $300. The paint was original and in tough shape, but I worked at it and got it running. But I still wanted to drive around a convertible. My dream car was an original chrome bumper MGB with wire wheels, but those were a little rich for my blood (and my wife’s patience).

However, after driving by a B for a few weeks, I decided to stop and take a look. The owner came out and talked with me, I expected him to ask for $6,000 or $7,000 based on the condition and originality. But when I asked, he told me he would take $3,000 (I later found out he was asking $6k). We met at $2800 and I gave him a deposit. I sold my TR7 and have been working on my B ever since. This is the third summer, so far I have rebuilt the whole front end, new shocks, springs, tires, and countless wire repairs, but I love every second of it! (okay, that’s an embellishment, I get pretty chapped from time to time, but it sure beats sitting behind my desk!) I’ve returned a few after market items back to original form (including the 15’ banjo steering wheel) and it starts up and runs. I love to drive it and wouldn’t trade my B for the world.   

The family picture is my father, my brother, his two sons and me with my new born son at the MG Car Club of Central New York Car Show this past year.  We have been going every year on fathers day for about 5 years now and its become a family tradition.  There is another picture of just the MG from the show and finally a picture of my friend and I headed out for a drive.  As I mentioned, it's a modest car that is truly a "driver".  It runs well and looks good from about 5-10 ft away, but sometime in the future it will be a candidate for a restoration.  Hopefully by then my son will be old enough to help me.